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A Canada Day message from Federal Retirees

June 30, 2016

Sandra Wepple and Greg Williams

DEVOTION TO COUNTRY RUNS IN THE FAMILY: RCMP (now retired S/Sgt) Greg Williams works the Parliament Hill security detail on Canada Day 2003 with his daughter (currently Cpl) Sandra Weppler  standing proudly by his side. It was an incredibly meaningful day for both.

As each of us celebrate on Canada Day, federal employees, existing and retired, can also feel a strong measure of pride.

This country is remarkable in everything it has and continues to offer its citizens, thanks in no small part to federal employees. Your devotion to this country has always been and continues to be inspiring.

So do enjoy the day (responsibly, of course). It is not lost on the Association that you are a large part of why it is indeed cause for celebration.

Happy Canada Day everyone!