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Annual Meeting of Members

2017 Annual Meeting of Members

Ottawa, June 14 to 16 

Located in Ottawa in June, the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) provides a forum for key Association volunteers to make decisions that will affect all members. These can include anything from changing existing regulations to proposing new objectives for the Association. Ultimately, it provides an excellent opportunity to help direct our advocacy work for pensions, health, and veterans. More detailed information about the AMM will be provided to branches by the end of April.

The AMM also includes a welcome opportunity to present awards to outstanding volunteers at the branch and national levels.

Members can express their objectives for the Association as well as their concerns through their respective branches, but participation and voting at the AMM is limited to the Board of Directors and one representative of each branch, usually the president. Identified volunteers can also attend.

Please note that the registration deadline was Monday, April 18, 2017.


VIA Rail    Association members can take advantage of our preferred partnership with VIA Rail to get an additional 8% off the lowest existing train fares within Canada. This discount will apply even to already
discounted fares for seniors. Delegates can book through our travel agent HTG or by contacting VIA Rail directly by telephone at 1-888-VIA-RAIL (842-7245) or on their website at and quoting business rate code 810962. Three or more passengers travelling on the same itinerary are eligible for the Association discount. The member must be prepared to show Association ID on the train to verify the discount (e.g., Association membership card, note from National Office on letterhead or an Association business card).

 WestJet WestJet is offering a 10% discount off its base fares for North American flights into and out of Ottawa from June 7 to 23. WestJet does its utmost to ensure that travel experiences are fun, friendly and affordable. Delegates can book through our travel agent
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Porter Porter Airlines is offering a 10% discount on available base fares (with the exception of the lowest class fare during a public seat sale) for travel to and from the 2017 AMM. Porter provides free in-flight snacks and
beverages (including beer and wine), GatePorter service for carry-on, and access to the Porter Lounge in Toronto and Ottawa, where free Wi-Fi and comfortable, leather seating is available. The discounted fares are available from June 8 to 20. Delegates can book through our travel agent HTG or by contacting Porter directly by telephone 1-888-619-8622 or online here and quoting promo code NAFR17.