Renew your membership

Il est temps de renouveler votre adhésion?

Ready to renew your Federal Retirees membership? You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome back! We’re so pleased that you want to continue to support our advocacy work to protect federal pensions and improve retirement security for all Canadians.

If you’d like to renew by credit card or cheque, simply log into your Federal Retirees profile and then click the green “Renew Now!” button from your profile page. You’ll be sent over the to the checkout with all your information pre-filled for you. If your membership expired before you had a chance to renew, logging in will take you directly to the checkout and you won’t see your profile page.

If you have your membership fees deducted monthly from your pension (called Dues Deduction at Source or “DDS”), your membership renews automatically – you don’t have to worry about it! Making the switch to DDS is easier than ever – select “Pay by monthly pension withdrawal” when you renew.


Did you know that the partners and spouses of members are also eligible for membership? 

If it’s time to renew and you’d like to turn your single membership into a double for only $1.39 more per month, simply give us a call at 1-855-304-4700 (toll-free)!

Frequently Asked Questions


I’d like to renew but I don’t remember the password for my Federal Retirees profile. What should I do?

Don’t worry – we know it can be difficult to keep track of passwords. You can reset your password by visiting the profile login page and selecting the “Reset your password” tab, or you can go right to the password reset page by clicking here.

I never received my password reset email. What should I do?

The password reset email will be sent to the email address associated with your account within a few minutes but can take a little longer sometimes. If you requested a password reset and never received the email message, it’s likely waiting for you in your spam or junk folder. If you’ve checked your spam folder and the email isn’t there, it’s possible that you either do not have an email associated with your account or that there is an error or typo in the email you did provide. To check if there is an error with your email address, please contact our member services team and we’ll help you sort it out as quickly as possible.

My membership has lapsed and is no longer active. Can I still log into my Federal Retirees profile and renew?

If your membership has expired, you’ll be brought right to the renewal form to renew your membership once you log in. If you can’t remember your password in order to log in and complete the renewal, select the “Reset your password” tab from the profile login page.

I’d like to renew but I don’t remember my Federal Retirees membership number. What should I do?

No problem! Your membership number is written on your membership card, and it’s printed on the cover of each issue of Sage magazine. If you can’t locate your membership number and you’d like someone from our member services team to help you, don’t hesitate to reach out us by phone or email.

My spouse would also like to become a member. Can I do that when I renew?

If you’re eligible for membership, then so is your partner or spouse! When you’re ready to turn your single membership into a double membership for only $1.39 more per month, give us a call at 1-855-304-4700 (toll-free).

I’d like to make the switch to DDS and pay for my membership with monthly deductions from my pension. Can I do that when I renew?

Yes, you can – and what an excellent thing to do! Paying by DDS, or Dues Deduction at Source, is the simplest way to pay and renew your membership automatically. To make the switch, select “Pay by monthly pension withdrawal” as your payment method when you renew. If you’d like to find out more about DDS, refer to our informative article on the subject.

I have other questions and I’d like to speak to someone about renewing my membership. How can I contact Federal Retirees?

We’re happy to help! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-855-304-4700 (toll-free) to talk to someone from our amazing member services team.