Federal Retirees Calgary & District Branch:

Director positions have two year terms and are filled by election at the annual general meeting held in April of each year. Ideally, one-third of the positions are filled each year. Vacant positions are filled by appointment.

Individuals who may be interested in participating on the board are invited to attend board meetings as a friend of the board. They may be allowed participate in discussions, but cannot vote on motions. If they have continuing interest they may be proposed for board membership by a motion made and seconded by existing board members. If the motion is carried, the individual holds office until the next AGM at which  their appointment must be ratified by the members


Regulation 1.1

Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct applies to all Members of the Association.

1 Every Member will treat every other Member and employee with respect.

2 The Association’s business will be conducted in accordance with the By-laws and Regulations of the Association and in compliance with the laws of Canada and to any applicable Provincial or Territorial law where its business may be conducted.

3 Every Member must act in the best interest of the Association and avoid situations where his or her personal interests or relationships interfere with acting in good faith or on behalf of the Association.
4 Any Member who is on a board or a committee of the Association or is acting for or on behalf of the Association at any level in the Association must maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, including but not limited to compliance with the Association’s Privacy Policy, regarding information obtained directly or indirectly through his or her involvement with the Association. This includes information about Members, employees, partners, contractors, job applicants, and other volunteers.

5 Materials and programs developed for the Association are the property of the Association and are not to be used in situations external to the Association without prior approval of the Board.
6 Internet and email are to be used in a responsible and professional manner. Use of social media on the Internet for Association purposes or while using the Association’s property or technology must comply with all the Association’s rules, regulations and policies. Any user of social media and the Internet must be mindful of the potential unintended audience and ensure that the message is consistent with the Association’s approved message and principles.
7 Members shall not conduct Association meetings or represent the Association if impaired by any substance.

8 Members shall not discriminate by reason of race, religious belief, colour, gender, mental or physical disability, marital status, ancestry, age, place of origin, family status, source of income, or sexual orientation.

9 Harassment, interpreted as unwelcome conduct, comment, gesture, contact, or intimidating and offensive behaviour likely to cause offence or humiliation, will not be tolerated.

10 Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in removal from any position in the Association and may result in removal from the Association.