Welcome to the Algoma  Branch of the National Association of Federal Retirees.

Our branch received its charter on Oct. 15, 1987 when the Association was known as the Federal Superannuates National Association. We started with less than 20 registered members and currently have just under 400, which makes us one of the smaller branches in Canada and the smallest in the Ontario district.

We represent members who live in a very large geographic area.  Our boundary to the west is just east of Marathon and is represented by a straight line running north from Lake Superior all the way to the treeline. To the east, our boundary is located just west of Espanola and extends north from Lake Huron to Hudson Bay. The branch headquarters has historically been located in Sault Ste. Marie because the vast majority of our membership live within 50 km of that city. We have members living in more than 20 communities.

Our branch holds two membership meetings each year. The first is the annual general meeting (AGM), which is usually in May.  The second is our general membership meeting, normally held in October. Each of these meetings is held in Sault Ste. Marie. Members are notified of each meeting at least one month in advance through the branch report in Sage magazine and reminders are sent by email if that information has been provided by the member or by telephone. You can also find this information on our branch home page, which you are currently accessing .

Please feel free to contact me, at the phone number or email address listed below, with any questions of comments you may have.

Linda MacDonald

Algoma Branch (ON52)

(705) 248-3301

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