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Rogers for Federal Retirees members

Federal Retirees members like you are looking for simple and affordable cell phone service designed with your needs in mind.
If you are tired of complicated cell phone plans filled with hidden fees and confusing technology, look no further! The new Rogers program for Federal Retirees members redefines the way you connect, communicate, and stay in touch with your world.
As a Federal Retirees partner, Rogers is committed to providing affordable cell phone plans with unlimited calling and texting, along with data coverage, across Canada, the U.S. and International destinations.
With special packages just for Federal Retirees members, you can save more on phone plans, smartphones and tablets, all on Canada’s largest 5G network .

Dedicated care

Our dedicated team of experts is here to support you on your journey, helping you select the right device and plan for your needs, ensuring every step you take is informed and confident. Every journey benefits from experienced guides, and we're no different. Provided by Red Wireless — your exclusive Rogers dealer.

Plans for all your needs

You can choose a monthly plan that’s the right fit for you. Stay in touch with your loved ones with unlimited Canada-wide Talk & Text  starting from $20/month, a Canada/U.S. plan or choose one of our affordable plans with data to use your device on-the-go.

Need to travel?

Whether you travel to the U.S. several weeks at a time or for months to escape the Canadian winter, you can use our new and exclusive Canada + U.S. plan, the perfect plan for snowbirds. 
Also, once you’re a Rogers customer, you can travel seamlessly in 185-plus countries. Use your phone abroad like you would do at home with Roam like Home. No need to switch devices, SIM cards or get a temporary phone number.

Reliable and worry-free

You will never have to worry about your cell phone service.
●    Reliable national 5G network — A fast and reliable 5G network that covers over 30 million-plus Canadians from coast to coast.
●    Worry-free — With unlimited calling and texting and Infinite data with no data overages, you can use your device worry-free.
●    Identify unwanted callers — With features like Spam Call Detect, you’ll be notified when you are receiving a spam call.

Phones that suit your lifestyle

Rogers is committed to providing quality cell phones that fit your lifestyle at prices that suit your budget. 

Need a new device? 

Choose from a selection of the latest Apple iPhone, Samsung or Moto devices and discover new affordable ways to get your device with financing and S ave and Return program.

Already have a device you love?

No problem, bring your own device and enjoy our plans without commitment.

Ready to learn more?

Sign up worry-free with no activation fee and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Call a dedicated Red Wireless expert at 1-888-271-6793 or visit us at
The Rogers for Federal Retirees members program is brought to you by Red Wireless — your exclusive Rogers dealer.

Are you an existing SimplyConnect Federal Retirees customer?

As the 3G network is phasing out in the near future, you can now transition to affordable 5G plans with Unlimited Talk & Text starting at $15/month as well as a dedicated care team. Experience peace of mind when you switch to a dependable cell phone service on Canada’s largest and most reliable 5G network endorsed by the National Association of Federal Retirees

If you have a question about your existing SimplyConnect account, call them toll-free at 1-866-669-8505.

Talk to a dedicated Red Wireless Account Manager ready to help with your specific needs, and transition to Rogers worry-free with no activation fee and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee through or at 1-888-271-7206.

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